Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rr is for Rejoice

Baby Girl has finished another project. I have to say this learning our letters endeavor is going very well. She really gets into thinking of people for our prayer lists. She likes to sit and work on her writing skills. She prefers gluing construction paper pieces in the block letters to the push pin letters and she can't wait to make a "project" for her chosen person.

This week we did a rainbow. First I had her separate fruit loop type cereal into color piles. Then I wrote our Bible verse for Rr on a piece of construction paper. Then I drew lines for her to trace with glue. I put on colored loop on each line to give her the start of the pattern and off she was great...she is so into and intense when she is concentrating on coloring and the such (she has almost always colored inside the lines)

Then later that night she gave her Rockin Reward and Rainbow to her Mrs. Robin...lots of hugs and smiles.

I can't wait to see what we will to for Pp.

Yes, I am jumping around the alphabet...Baby Girl is really set in her orders and I am shaking it up a little to show her that though order is really nice it is ok to go out of order at times as well.

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