Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Ready for a Cooking Show

In 2003, I wanted something to do while Daddy was at work. He worked night and evening shifts up until about 4 years ago. But I didn't want to spend money. So I started as a Pampered Chef consultant. I am a pure hobbiest, much to the dismay of my Director. Anywho, that's the back story.

I had a show in January. I love Cooking Shows...I have so much fun getting ready for them. I love picking a recipe. I love finding the tips and "jokes" that will fill the time while the food cooks. I really do love Cooking Shows.

I don't love worrying that I am going to mess up. I don't love worrying that people won't have fun. I don't love people thinking I am pushing them to buy. (I really do just want everyone to have fun!)

I love that Baby Girl LOVES helping Mama get ready for the "chef parties". I love how Baby Girl knows the name of my products and what they do. I love that she can be a part of one of my many jobs. I love that I can use it as a learning tool...because what parent doesn't love to teach their children about life. I love helping her learn how to cook. I love that she likes to help Mama get the grocery shopping done for the "chef party". I love that she calls it my "chef parties". It's great.

It's hard to make a 3 year old understand (at least my 3 year old....she has a long attention span) that we sometimes have to stop packing for a show when Gator needs to eat or a diaper change or a nap. Baby Girl just doesn't get it. She thinks that I am not finishing it or won't go back to it. I guess in her eyes, if I am not packing she can't help, and if she can't help, Mama doesn't love her. Hey, mommies who work outside the home fulltime don't have the market cornered on "Mommy Guilt". She gets upset and says "I never get to help you!"

I have been doing this since 2003, so I have really streamlined what I do, and I have more shows under my belt, so I am a faster packer. Sorry Baby Girl!! Mama loves you!!!

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