Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I never...

Baby Girls latest misuse of the english language is making me crazy! (her misusage is usually very entertaining and humorous!)

"Mama,I never get a cookie after supper!" (Almost always a dessert of some sort is offered, she usually doesn't eat much of the junk food variety)

"Mama, I never get to go see Mimi!" (We see Mimi at least once a week, and most weeks more than that!!!)

"Mama, I never get to help you!" (She always gets to do something as long as it is safe for her to using my knives to chop the veggies!)

Oh, this list goes on....and it makes me mad...really mad. She doesn't understand what "never"means, but it still makes me mad...because I try so hard to balance keeping her happy and keeping her safe. Plus, isn't the sassy, "You never let me do anything" phase supposed to start in the teens? Not preschool?

I never, I never, I never....I'll be glad when this phase is over!

What phase were you most glad to see gone?

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