Friday, February 18, 2011

From A to Z!

Baby Girl has always liked sitting in your lap "writing". She makes her own grocery lists. She takes her "notes" during a meeting. And on and on.

Then she started wanting you to spell the words so she could "write" them. Then she wanted you to write the word for her. When she started asking how to write each letter I knew it was time. I got her some workbooks from the local Wal-store. She was so excited. She will ask for her "homework" nearly everyday! (She calls it her "homework...I did not start that!)

So, we started. Page 1, prewriting skills. Page 10, Letter A...then B...then C, etc. I would "let" her do a letter or two a day. I didn't want her to get too frustrated, I want her to enjoy learning. Plus, I don't want to put too much pressure on her. After a few too many letters, I can get a bit frustrated. So in an attempt to keep Mama and Baby Girl happy...I set a limit.

Well, we finsihed. A through Z. All capitals. My Baby Girl is growing up.

Now comes the lower case letters...and they are really throwing her mind for a loop. That darn b and d...ugh! But we will set a limit. I tell her repeatedly, as long as you try your best. And really isn't that what is important. Try your best...and if it doesn't work one way, try another...really let the frustrations go...

So, what you accomplished lately? From A-Z, one step at a time.

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