Friday, March 11, 2011

Cookie Cutters aren't Just for Cookies!

I got a 101 cookie cutter set for Christmas a few years ago...with high expectations...I was going to bake cookies, make crafts, cut know the basic Super Mom stuff...

I haven't used them yet...until...

We had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch while doing the letter Rr and I used the "R" cutter to change Baby Girl's sandwich into a letter "R". Which of course, threw Baby Girl for a loop. I cut sandwiches two ways, squares or triangles, nothing more, nothing less.

While working on letter Pp, I had Baby Girl separate the cutters into Piles...shapes, letters, and numbers (which in itself is a bit challenging for Baby Girl...she uses the words "numbers" and "letters" interchangeably).

Once she had the piles, I had her separate them into color, size, line the numbers up in order, the letters in order...

Who don't have to raid the nearest store of all the educational toys....just go look for ideas and then go home and look at what you already have...many ideas are hiding in the cabinet!!!

By the way, one of Gator's favorite toys are the empty yogurt, butter, sour cream, and other plastic tubs that I keep in one cabinet that she can open. She'll open the cabinet, pull out all the plastic with them in the floor...and the latest...just sit in the cabinet.

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