Monday, March 28, 2011

CVS Trip 3/1/11

Getting pretty good at this "game"...but I know I have so much more to learn. Here is a picture of my trip from a few weeks ago...(getting better with coupons, still along way to go with blogging!!!)

Today I had 5 8 minates at the not too bad....and I let someone behind me go ahead (this keeps other cutomers and the cashier happy...good gaming ettiquette).

  • Transaction #1 - saved $1.35, OOP (out of pocket) - $5.77 
  • Transaction #2 - saved $6.15, OOP - $1.06
  • Transaction #3 - saved $22.57, OOP - $25.13
  • Transaction #4 - saved $21.37, OOP - $8.93
  • Transaction #5 - saved $10.05, OOP - $0.89
I am only buying things that I would normally buy, that have Extra Bucks attached so that I can roll then to the next transaction. I did match up some coupons from the past few Sunday's papers. I don't have a printer, so I don't use printable coupons. So, that being said I might have been able to do better...but my goal is to save money...not necessarily get all the EB (Extra Bucks) in the store.

I did scan for coupons at the CVS coupon machine...none would have helped me on this trip so I am putting them into the coupon envelope for possible use later.

I have found that, my hubby goes through about 5 2 liters in a week, we use 9 rolls of the good toliet paper in about 25 days...which will make planning easier for future trips...I want to save money remember!?

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