Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Evolution of Cooking

Living with my parents
  • browning the hamburger meat for mom
  • complaining "not that again"
Living in the dorm
  • swiping a food card in the Cafeteria
  • swiping a credit card at a Restaurant
Living in an apartment off campus
  • swiping a food card in the Cafeteria
  • Microwave
Living in an apartment post college
  • calling Mom to figure how to make more than things that come in a box
  • going to Mom's for supper
Living as Husband and Wife 1st year
  • call Mom for more recipes, buy cookbooks
  • give up and head to the restaurant or Mom's
Living as Husband and Wife with Kids
  • anything that cooks in less time than a meltdown can occur
  • checking labels and prices, trying to get the healthiest for the cheapest amount of money
  • Calling Mom with the latest successful meal to share the recipe with her
  • hearing "Not that again!"
What was your evolution like???

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