Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Sensory Bin

I have always made sure that Baby Girl has plenty of toys that give her opportunities to learn. She has always been interested in learning. I have looked into homeschooling, and I have come across some great sites!!

One site I came across talks about Sensory Bins. (Totally Tots...see button...) My goal for February is to get a little more schooling into our homeschooling...I mean she is only 3...but on the other hand she is 3 and needs to start some formal leaning. (More about that on another day)

I brought out the Sensory Bin I have made for February, well in process of making, I really need to get some hearts and stuff, any who....first thing that happened...

In their defense...we are new to the tub concept!! I guess we can file this under, the boxes get more play time at Christmas than the toy!!

Well, I will keep you updated on our journey into education.

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