Sunday, January 30, 2011

Park Day!

Only in the south will you find Daddies out hunting the last weekend of January, and Mommies and kids picnicing at the park...did I mention it is the last weekend in January that we are doing this?

The girls and I got up this morning and were greeted with sunshine and warm weather...getting near the 70s today!! So, I figured let's head to the park...and that's just what we did.

We put on our jeans and our long sleeved t-shirts (just in case the wind was chilly) and headed to the park. Baby Girl played on all the playground equipment and Gator tried relentlessly to eat the pea gravel. Two long hours later, I called Baby Girl over to a picnic table and we had a quick lunch. I packed up a VERY tired Gator and we made the short trip back home.

As I drug our weary bodies up the front walk, I laughed to myself...only in the South. I hope the girls had a good time, and take a long nap. The next park day may be far in the is the South, and who knows we have snow again that keeps us frozen inside the house!

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