Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, I've Done It Now!!

For months I have been looking into blogging...and I decided that since my car is stuck at the bottom of the ice covered was the day! I officially have a blog...not too shabby for someone who needs help using the remote for the t.v.!

It is really hard to pick a title and all the other things that go into this relatively simple art called is going to be on the web pressure, huh?  As if life wasn't pressure enough!

I hope to let others into a snapshot of the life of a working stay at home mom, struggling to keep everyone happy, everyone fed, everyone sane, everyone getting along, everyone headed in the right there it is the goals of my blog...could they be anymore less than concrete!?!

I have no set schedule for posting yet...heck I am still learning the lingo and getting set I am pretty fly by the seat of my long as I have a list! (Anyone else that?? You are not alone!!) I guess I will get around what I have in store for you so check in often!

So, what do you think of the 1st official post???

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