Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Switching the Clothes - The Reality

I, by no means, start at 8 am and finish X amount of time later. I have a preschooler and a toddler! I pick up a box of clothes in time to hear "I'm hungry" (even though we just cleaned up breakfast). So, I put down the box and attend the hunger, then I go back to the box, in time to see Gator climbing the new boxes in the living room. I take her down, explain that we don't climb boxes...try to get her playing with some toys, turn back to box one...Baby Gilr wants me to look at the Winnie-the-Pooh puzzel that she has finished all by herself (for the millionth time)...before I can get back to box one...I smell something foul from Gator...go to change her diaper...get to box one...I get it opened this time, but pull nothing from it, Gator is rolling around the floor rubbing her eyes...NAP TIME...go lay Gator in her bed...get back to the opened box one...Bbay Girl asks for a banana (who can say no to healthy snacks!)...get the banana..."not like a monkey Mama, I want to eat it cut up"...return to kitchen to fix Mama's mistake...always offer snack whole, it is easier to cut a banana that is whole, than trying to make a cut up banana whole! (Again, learned it the hard way)...now panic sets in...Gator will only sleep 20 mins at best, but she will also sleep for 2 hours..and I know not which she will do from day to day...I want to make progress on the clothes! So I dig in and start emptying clothes, moving from baox to box as quickly and qietly as possible...once Baby Girl realsizes that I am doing something she will need something or she will want to help, as happy as I am that she likes to have a "job" it slows me down to slower than snail pace! And I know as soon as Gator wakes up she will be hungry, so what will be for lunch??? Leftovers, yes, leftovers...wait did Daddy take the leftovers for lunch? put clothes down and check fridge...good leftovers are there!! Back to clothes...wait did I pull out something fro supper? put clothes down...head to kitchen to take inventory...looks like frozen pizza tonight....back to clothes...was that Gator??? No, Baby Girl has gone to watch some cartoons in Mama's room...good, I can blow through some boxes before Gator wakes up....did I turn on the dishwasher after I loaded it last night? put clothes down, and go check...nope, start dishwasher....head back to clothes...augh, I hear Gator...go get her from her bed and get lunch warmed up...offer food to Baby Girl...she's not hungry, all that snacking while Gator was sleeping...get Gator started, turn back to clothes and boxes so that I can get some done while Gator is contained in her high chair....Mama just wants to sit and take a break...no rest for the weary...must get these clothes at least switched out of the boxes, maybe not back into the closet, but at least as neat as possible so that when Daddy gets home from a long day of fighting crime that he doesn't want to lock me up for leaving a mountain of clothes for him to relax in while I am at dance...Gator is done...let her down...and she goes right for the clothes and starts pulling the piles down...she smiles, great, it is now a game to her....I get her attention diverted...but she is quickly climbing up the boxes and the sofa...ok, enough for today...lets sit and play...glance at clock...nope, time to pack snacks for dance classes (Baby Girl and Gator spend 2 hours at the dance studio while I teach...and it is right through supper time), lunch bag packed, Gator smells again, change that....head to the bedroom to get Mama dressed for dance class..pick out clothes for Gator and get her dressed, find dance clothes for Baby Girl and get her dressed...why is Gator crying? Where is her milk sip, where did the brush go?? Mama starts yelling...Mama takes a deep breath...brush is found, milk is found, and shoes are on, bags picked up, head to the car...

Sigh, maybe I will get all the closets all changed over before summer really gets here (we don't get much spring weather here in the south...but lots of summer!!!)

Sorry, no pictures...just think boxes, clothes, EVERYWHERE!!!!

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