Monday, April 4, 2011

Changing of the Closets

I change the girls' closet, and mine as well, from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter, and back again. It is a good way to check on hand me downs, on sizes, on clothes that are needed and on what can be given away. Plus, I just do not have space for all of their clothes!

This is no easy task! But it is necessary. I have learned a few things to help make the switch a little easier, less dreaded.

Whenever I get clothes...whether it is a gift, a few items off clearance or a consignment sale, or a large batch of hand-me-downs...I always sort by size...which are then stored in empty diaper boxes, labeled by size. That is step one and a very important step...I learned that step the hard change Baby Girl's closet the first few times it took me DAYS and DAYS and DAYS...then I got smart and had a clothing sort day with my sisters while I was pregnant with Gator!

Then step two - decide when to make the switch...the "last frost" day is estimated as March I shoot for that as my switch date...and in the fall its around October. I pull out every box out of the closet. I stack boxes all over the living room. I try to keep the boxes I haven't dealt with yet on one side and then move them to the other side of the room as I deal with them, so that as I am interrupted (and I will be interrupted) I will know which boxes are finished and which need to be gone through. I will also empty all the clothes off the hanging rack in the closet.

Step three - decide what sizes will be used this season...make a choice, stick with it. Baby Girl has a small waist...summer she tends to where a smaller size because length is a non-issue. Gator, I will give a bigger range since I am not sure how her growth spurts are affecting her yet. But stick with that size...if it is cute, but not in the sizes you've choosen...pack it in the correct box...move on...make this easy!

Step four - pick a box and start taking out the clothes that are going back into the closet for that season. I make two for Baby Girl and one for Gator. Continue until all boxes have been gone through in the sizes that were chosen in step 3...look at tag move on.

Step five - take clothes that are going into storage and pack away according to size (VERY IMPORTANT!) I always just want to get my living room back from the clothes, but I know that if I don't pack according to size I will hate myself in 6 months!

Step six - put boxes back into closet. Hang clothes.

Step seven - sit and enjoy a cup of coffee...or your beverage of choice.

Wow! Didn't realize how many steps there were!! I guess that is why it takes me awhile to actually finish! I do keep 2 empty bins in the bottom of the girls closet year is for clothes that are outgrown during the season, the other is for clothes that were for the last season and were in the wash cycle while the switch was being made. When it is time to switch again, I will sort those 2 boxes by size and repeat the whole process. And of course, Murphy's Law...I began the switch and the next day it went below freezing during the night!

Keep watching and I will post what those steps look like in action!!!

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