Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yummy Yogurt

My girls eat really well. They love yogurt. All flavors, all kinds. This makes me happy. My kids can eat gallons of the stuff. At about $4 for a "large" container of yogurt, this can get costly.

Last summer I can across a post on one of my favorite blogs about making your own yogurt. I thought, wouldn't that be great??? Then the doubter in me worried about would it really save me any cash, or would it just be another thing that I add to my day with no good things as an outcome??

Well, that was last summer. I have had to compromise on yogurt purchases...some weeks we can, some weeks we can't. Have I mentioned how tight money is in our house??

I came across the yogurt thought again, and I did more searching online...one of my favorite past times...(what did I do before search engines??) And I found a crock pot blog, and there was a yogurt recipe you make in your crock pot...yes, I am listening (reading) and well, at the end of her post she had a breakdown of the savings in her area and her costs!

So, in yet another attempt at saving money, I am going to attempt to make my own yogurt. And I will let you know how it all comes out!!! (Soon I hope)

What have you done to impact your budget/save some cash?

(Another thought was to look into making our own pasta, but really, at about $1 a box, I can't ok the thought to ferment in my mind, yet)


  1. We tried the pasta making thing when we got a free pasta maker--not worth it in my book. As to yogurt--it is great. We make it organic for much cheaper than the non-organic. My daughter posted about the simple way she does it on her blog: Easy Homemade Yogurt. There is some incubating right now :-).

  2. Thanks for sharing...and thanks for checking out my blog...I checked your daughter's blog out...one of these days I am going to make yogurt! I love the idea on your daughter's blog about putting the cooler outside...I live where it gets into those high temps...