Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Popsicles and Gator

I bought some Popsicles a few weeks ago when Baby Girl was feeling under the weather. I never got around to letting her have any of them back then. Lately, she has been having one a night after supper as "bessert" (dessert)...good thing I got the ones made with real fruit juice.

Abby wanted the Popsicle from her sister...so I let her try it...oh my, how funny...she kept coming back for more...

Notice Gator in the background...upset because she wants the Popsicle!

"Hmmmm, cold....yummy?"

Fortunately for us, Baby Girl LOVES to share....sometimes to a fault....she will gladly share her Popsicles with Gator.

We did find out the other day that we shouldn't share suckers from the bank with Gator. Gator realized that she likes those too...and she figured out if she clamps her teeth shut on the stick, Baby Girl cannot get the sucker back. So, needless to say, we are trying to keep Popsicles and suckers out of Gator's sight for now. (I know, what a mean Mama I am....remember my kids eat really good for them food....treats are not really an option in the house....they only know healthy! My plan is to keep it that way for awhile.)

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