Monday, February 28, 2011

How We Eat and Shop on a Tight Budget

The past few weeks we have been on an even tighter food budget than ever...due to less income thanks to the snow storms. We have depleted our frozen meat selection and continue to eat mainly fresh or frozen veggies. So, with virtually no money to spend ,what have we been eating?? Not Ramen Noodles as you may be thinking...we have eaten some really yummy and tasty meals!

Breakfast continues to be either oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, or yogurt. I buy the plain Quick Oats and microwave as needed...adding extract or cinnamon or Sprinkles to ad taste and variety. Eggs, I buy in 18 or larger packs...and I microwave in one-cup prep bowls-cup prep bowls...I cut in the bowl and wa-la I have easy scrambled eggs. I sometimes sneak in some baby rice cereal for added nutrition. Pancakes are my most labor intensive meal...I buy the just add water mix from the Wal-store..their brand. I make about 8 pancakes at a time and the girls will eat them all...any leftovers get a layer of peanut butter as a snack later in the day. Of course, I keep yogurt, bought in the large container on hand...sometimes plain, sometimes vanilla, sometimes peach...if its plain I add fruit or flavors depending on what I have on hand.

Lunch is either leftovers, or cheese and deli meat, or yogurt or PBJ. Sometimes grilled cheese. Baby Girl eats lunch while Gator is napping. Gator eats when she gets up. Gator usually has veggies...either ones that I have steamed and frozen at an earlier time...or straight from the frozen veggie bag.

Yes, That is broccoli...and she asks for it...begs for it!!

Supper has been Spinach and Cheese Manicotti, Chili Mac, Beef Fried Rice, Moroccan Stew, Chili, Chicken Cacatorri, Shepherd's Pie, Pronto Pasta and Sausage, Turkey! Hubby has been happy and full...Baby Girl says during every meal...Mama this supper is dood (good)!

I have been taking inventory of freezer and pantry first. Then I grab a cookbook...I find 4-5 recipes that have most of the items already in my freezer or pantry. Then I list the rest of the items that I need...and I don't look and look and look. I open the cookbook and the first recipe that I have the majority of the items I write down and move on to the next...don't make this step hard. I also place a maker in the cookbook so next week I can easily find the recipe that goes with the ingredients.

I made a large batch of chicken broth a few weeks ago with some chicken I found on I won't need to buy any for awhile...and we had Chicken Caccatorri with the chicken that night. I bought all the veggies I needed in the freezer section (way cheaper than in individual cans...and seems to be lasting longer) During the spring/summer, I like to buy fresh and freeze for later.

I try to only buy meat that has the markdown due to sell-by date...I freeze large packs of meats into smaller bags when I get home...that way I can pull out what I need as I need it...and this is also why I meal plan with what is in the freezer. It is hard for me to watch the sale fliers...and if I only buy markdown meat...I don't know what they will have before hand.

I only take cash to the store...and lately it has been $20-$30...I keep a running tally of the items in my cart..i.e. I grab milk and put in cart...I mark milk off the list...and I add 4 tally marks to the total tally on the side of my list. (I try to round everything up to account for tax) Once I get the items that we HAVE to have...milk, diapers...then I go to the next most needed items, etc until I hit my total that I have in hand. Then we head to the check out...even if there are items left on the list...this is also why I get the MOST IMPORTANT items first!

It takes me a little more time, because I do tend to zig zag the store. I only go to the items that I need and are on our list. No cruising the aisles....go right to what we need and move on...

So, maybe the recipe calls for pork...but I have beef...I'll swap. Maybe the recipe calls for peas and carrots...I may only have one or the other...I leave one out....I do make those adjustments as the week progresses...but this is what has been working for us.

Today I am working near and Aldi...and we NEED milk...I am going to venture into the store I have been wanting to go to forever to try to save more money...the closet Aldi is 30 miles from our house, so it is not a usual suspect on our errands route. I am all about saving money, but gas is high while I may pay a little more for my milk...I save on the gas...adjustments have to be made!!

How do you save? Meal plan? Budget? Any tips to share?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh my Gosh! A Tip that Worked!

Today I decided to try another tip! And low and worked!

I heard about this great time saving your prep for dinner before time for dinner. Well, me being me, thought really how much time can that save if I am still doing the prep work???

Gator was taking a good nap...Baby Girl was occupied and fed...and I was seeing what we had for dinner. I needed to know what meat to take out of the freezer. I found my recipe...I pulled out the meat...I took out the items that were needed and could stay on the counter the rest of the day. This is normal and I do this part often.

I emptied the dishwasher, loaded it, started it, got dressed....and Gator was still napping and Baby Girl was still occupied and fed. I had time on my hands. I got out the carrots and onions and peppers and peas...and I peeled and chopped and (yes cheap plug) I put into prep bowls. And I placed in the fridge. Now when I get home from going to Baby Girl's dance class, all I will have to do is cut the meat, and throw everything into the  pan...we're having Beef Fried Rice by the way...

And I still had some time before Gator woke up...

Have you tried any great tips that you were unsure that they would work, but now you swear by them???

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Great Find

I dropped the girls off early the other day. I HAD to get my nails done. I needed to feel human again.

I finished early and was feeling good about myself. Feeling pretty and human looking. My nail place is next to a Thrift Store. I had some time before I had to go to work.

I went in and started looking around. I looked at the shoes...nothing for either girl. I looked at pants for Baby Girl...she looks like she's waiting on a flood, and it appears that the cold weather is going to stay around for awhile...yet there was nothing that I liked/fit in my budget. I went to see if there was anything I could add to up coming Sensory Bins...again struck out. So I went to see if there were any books I could add to our collection. I am doing this Letter Themed loose version of homeschool right now and though we have a lot of books, I don't have a variety of letter in the titles...again not much.

Just as I was about to Thank God that I was able to not spend any money and leave, I saw a Daily Devotions book, for kids ages 3-6. It was in GREAT condition and it was $1.99. It was from 1997, but really God's Word is God's Word, and its cost new in 1997 was $16.99...I was so HAPPY!

And Baby Girl is really enjoyng the short one page bible reading and prayer. She even asks for it when she wakes up. Never say never, and never pass a thrift store without stopping.

Have you found any great thrifty finds lately?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rr is for Rejoice

Baby Girl has finished another project. I have to say this learning our letters endeavor is going very well. She really gets into thinking of people for our prayer lists. She likes to sit and work on her writing skills. She prefers gluing construction paper pieces in the block letters to the push pin letters and she can't wait to make a "project" for her chosen person.

This week we did a rainbow. First I had her separate fruit loop type cereal into color piles. Then I wrote our Bible verse for Rr on a piece of construction paper. Then I drew lines for her to trace with glue. I put on colored loop on each line to give her the start of the pattern and off she was great...she is so into and intense when she is concentrating on coloring and the such (she has almost always colored inside the lines)

Then later that night she gave her Rockin Reward and Rainbow to her Mrs. Robin...lots of hugs and smiles.

I can't wait to see what we will to for Pp.

Yes, I am jumping around the alphabet...Baby Girl is really set in her orders and I am shaking it up a little to show her that though order is really nice it is ok to go out of order at times as well.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vv is for Victory

Still working on our letter Vv.

So far we have talked about Vv, and victory, and the people we know that have a name that starts with Vv.

We did Push Pin Letters. I wrote the uppercase and lowercase Vv on a piece of construction paper and let Baby Girl use a push pin to poke holes in the paper. We did this while Gator took a nap to ensure that Gator would not get the pin. Also, be sure to place the paper on a piece of cardboard or on the carpet to keep your tables safe. (we did this in the living room) After the sun had set, we took the Push Pin Letters and turned off the lights, grabbed a flashlight and projected our letter on the ceiling and walls. Baby Girl thought this was the coolest thing ever.

Today, we picked someone from our Vv prayer list and made Vanilla pudding for them. I just used some mix that I had in the cabinet, but I did find a homemade recipe over at Heavenly Homemakers. I put the pudding in a cleaned out yogurt container. I took a piece of construction paper, wrote our Bible verse on it and let Baby Girl decorate the paper. We attached the paper to the outside of the container. I placed a note on top letter our gift recipient about our project. Now all that is left is to deliver our gift!

After we made the pudding and decorated the container, we read a bit from our Kids Daily Devotional. What a great day!

Vv is for Victory!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yummy Yogurt

My girls eat really well. They love yogurt. All flavors, all kinds. This makes me happy. My kids can eat gallons of the stuff. At about $4 for a "large" container of yogurt, this can get costly.

Last summer I can across a post on one of my favorite blogs about making your own yogurt. I thought, wouldn't that be great??? Then the doubter in me worried about would it really save me any cash, or would it just be another thing that I add to my day with no good things as an outcome??

Well, that was last summer. I have had to compromise on yogurt purchases...some weeks we can, some weeks we can't. Have I mentioned how tight money is in our house??

I came across the yogurt thought again, and I did more searching of my favorite past times...(what did I do before search engines??) And I found a crock pot blog, and there was a yogurt recipe you make in your crock pot...yes, I am listening (reading) and well, at the end of her post she had a breakdown of the savings in her area and her costs!

So, in yet another attempt at saving money, I am going to attempt to make my own yogurt. And I will let you know how it all comes out!!! (Soon I hope)

What have you done to impact your budget/save some cash?

(Another thought was to look into making our own pasta, but really, at about $1 a box, I can't ok the thought to ferment in my mind, yet)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Adult Birthdays

Well, I celebrated my 30th birthday, again. I am willing to be 30 for awhile...I am not willing to be 31, 32, 33, 34,etc. I will turn 40 one day...I am ok with that.

Now, I am not holding onto 30 because I am sad about getting older. I by no means want to go back to the young and dumb days. I had my fun, I learned, I lived, I moved on. The only things that I want from the younger days, I hubby, well and memories and friends.

So, why do I have such a hard time with birthdays? I really love birthdays. I mean I love it. I got breakfast in bed...french toast made by Daddy and Baby Girl. I got to sleep in. Daddy attended to Gator so I could sleep. I got to eat with my family at a very yummy restaurant. I got to try everyone's dessert. I got lots of leftovers, so I didn't have to cook supper. What could be better?

Anyone else struggling with you want to go back to a certain age?  Are you good with your age? Are you looking forward to a certain age?

Birthdays change at some point. Children look forward to their birthday as if the day will never come. Adults feel like they just finished cleaning up the mess from their last birthday and the next one has already come back around.

Until next year...when I turn 30, again.

More Snow???!!!!

NOTE *** I wrote this at the beginning of February, just haven't gotten around to posting it.

Are you kidding me! More snow in our forcast?!??!?! I live in an area that literally shuts down when there is snow and/or ice...see the 1st blog entry...

Last week, dear Hubby called and said get the girls and get home...the ice is getting bad and they are closing bridges, etc. I looked outside and well, no ice yet. So I finished what I was doing, then left to go get the girls. The ice had started, and there are lots of hills between where I was and where I needed to get to in order to get the girls. It took me almost an should have not taken more than 30-40 mins.

I get the girls and turn north to head to our house. Hubby calls again and says, no way no how...go back to your mom's. The bridge before our house was impassable. Are you kidding me???

Needless to say we stayed at Mimi's house...

I can't afford any more snow. When we are stuck at home (or Mimi's as the case may be), and roads are closed I can't get to work, if I don't teach a dance class I don't get paid, if Daddy cannot get off our hill and he doesn't fight crime, he doesn't get paid. Well, the defeicit that this is creating in our budget is getting to the point of OUT OF CONTROL....

I dislike snow for so many reasons, and I really can't wait for Spring to hurry up and get here...

Snow? Love it, like it? what's the call?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Prayer Lists

Borrowed another idea from a homeschooling mom that I found online...

We started with the letter Vv...and we started our prayer lists.

Baby Girl didn't quite get the idea of praying for people we know that begin with a V...but we made a prayer list, put it on our wall and talked about Victory, and finding victory with I felt good...and even after dealing with the water company, and the phone company, and the bank (all about added fees) I felt really calm after our prayer moment and bible time...

I like to do this from time to time, but I now feel and see first hand what I really need to strive for every takes 5 min and its soooooooooooooo good for the soul (and sanity)!

What you done to keep you centered and calm lately?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Grocery Winnings

As mentioned earlier in my blog, we had some snow here in the south...and we were unable to get out of our dear hubby was unable to get to work. We live on hubby's not getting to work led to no overtime, I had no income that week as well...well, as you can has led us into a very very very very tight budget (which we usually only have to deal with during the summer...when I work little to none) However, Mother Hubbard opened the cupboard and well...not much.

**Cheap Plug** I grabbed  a recipe card collection that brags about $2 servings...I took a quick inventory of what was in the fridge and the cabinet (which was REALLY quick). I grabbed the shopping list from the recipe card collection...again didn't take long...and took $50...and off the the store we went...after some compromising on chicken breasts, finding zero deals on meat, and skipping the fresh produce for frozen (yikes, I had just gotten really good at perimeter shopping!!)...I was out of the store with enough food for at least the next week,..and real food (well, frozen veggies)...and I got diapers!! Yeah me!

Had any great moments of savings?

Friday, February 18, 2011

From A to Z!

Baby Girl has always liked sitting in your lap "writing". She makes her own grocery lists. She takes her "notes" during a meeting. And on and on.

Then she started wanting you to spell the words so she could "write" them. Then she wanted you to write the word for her. When she started asking how to write each letter I knew it was time. I got her some workbooks from the local Wal-store. She was so excited. She will ask for her "homework" nearly everyday! (She calls it her "homework...I did not start that!)

So, we started. Page 1, prewriting skills. Page 10, Letter A...then B...then C, etc. I would "let" her do a letter or two a day. I didn't want her to get too frustrated, I want her to enjoy learning. Plus, I don't want to put too much pressure on her. After a few too many letters, I can get a bit frustrated. So in an attempt to keep Mama and Baby Girl happy...I set a limit.

Well, we finsihed. A through Z. All capitals. My Baby Girl is growing up.

Now comes the lower case letters...and they are really throwing her mind for a loop. That darn b and d...ugh! But we will set a limit. I tell her repeatedly, as long as you try your best. And really isn't that what is important. Try your best...and if it doesn't work one way, try another...really let the frustrations go...

So, what you accomplished lately? From A-Z, one step at a time.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Confessions

ok, so I get an idea for a post...

I write it down...somewhere...never to be seen again.

I turn on the computer from time to  time and just add title after title as I brainstorm....

then during a quiet moment...I go back and fill in the rest...edit some...then get this...I publish a you like that look into my secret world???

It's also a time saver tip...I don't just sit and think up great interesting posts then blog away....I have kids, I have a husband, I have a household to run, I have jobs to get to, well, I have things I have to feed the cat. Did I feed the cat today?

What are your secret time know the things that look all perfect to the outside world, but really you have a secret tip that you do so people think its perfect....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them, sometimes we even hide them...guilty pleasures...we strive to be perfect parents amidst the rubble of Little People and mismatched puzzle pieces...

But after 8pm, I tiptoe into the kitchen, and eat....chocolate or chips and dip...and I have them hidden in a cabinet that only adults know about...I keep the kids snacks waaaaaay across the kitchen in an entirely different cabinet...the kids' healthy snacks!

At least once a week, when Daddy is home...I sneak off into my bedroom...and shower...a real shower, with hot water, and no peeking out the shower curtain to make sure kids are still visible and not hurting themselves. A real LONG shower, not those short get the soap off you before a child is hanging from a fan shower...

And at least once a month, I drop the girls off somewhere with Mimi or an Aunt or Daddy, and I...get my nails done...and no I don't skimp on just a manicure...I get acrylic nails...I get a <gasp> fill-in!!! And I get my french manicure airbrushed on...the 1 hour to myself is amazing...its worth the 1 hour and 15 min I have to work to pay for it...I can feel human, and <gasp> un-mommy like....(I hate feet, so I skip the pedi)

So there you have it...underneath my tough, I got it together, perfect Mama exterior...hides a woman who hides junk food from her kids (only to eat it after everyone is in bed), takes a long hot shower, and gets her nails done.....really? if those brief moments help me hold it together, than guilty as charged...I am going to keep it up!!

Ok, I spilled, now whats your guilty pleasure???

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Apologies

As I mentioned in the beginning...I am not very computer advanced...and I am trying to learn as I I am changing things often trying to find what works and what doesn't, etc...which this may be the hardest on my readers...which at this moment may not be many...and hopefully one day I will have more readers...and really, I'm sorry...I am trying things out, swapping things around, all the while I am trying to not be a perfectionist...I am just going trial and error...cause isn't that what life is really all about...just get off the couch and do something? The dishes won't wash themselves, the kids won't teach themselves, and by-gosh the blog won't blog I am reading all these great blogs about great moms who have breakfast done and kids perfectly groomed before noon, and well, I love reading them thinking maybe one day...but I know there are more moms out there like me...flying by the seat of our pants, hoping the milk hasn't gone bad and there is at least one diaper in the 20 lb diaper bag...and gosh darn it I want the world to know about it...and I am struggling figuring it all out, but hang in there with me and the blog will work itself out, Baby Girl will stop whining and Gator will stop screaming, at least long enough the blow the dust off the cracker before they eat it, and at least you can have a good chuckle with me as I dab at the coffee stain on the carpet...

Bible Moment

While reading from the children's bible the other night with Baby Girl, I had a 'whoa' moment. We were reading the story about the children and Jesus..."let the children come to me"....well, in our watered down kiddie plain said that Jesus said he was not too busy for the children to come to Him....

Wow. I had to stop for a moment. How many times just this week have I said "Girls please go play Mama is too busy right now."? Wow. I had a very prayerful night over that one. Now when I start to say that I am too busy, I need to think...can I stop for a moment and read a story, play a game, get that hug...whatever it may be...

My time I am about to say I am too busy right now...put the children first. They are the reason I stay home. They are the reason I am a mom...not the computer, the phone, the cleaning, whatever it is that is making me "too busy"...

Are you up for the challenge?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Fashionistas?

Ok, I have never been a SLAVE to fashion, but I always tried to look nice and sort of be in style. Then I got long as Hubby was happy I looked good, right? I have never turned down hand me downs...and I always said yes to the hand me downs from my more Fashionista type friends...

Then kids...and add in the fact that I spend more of my life in PJs and dance clothes (glorified PJs on some days!)

Well, Baby Girl has almost always had a bow in her hair that matched her outfit that well, was very stylish! The more oohs and ahhs I got when in public...the better mommy I am, right??? Then Gator came along...well, her personal style is a little different that Baby Girl's...but I do manage to get a bow or two in her hair during the week and I always try to match the least in the same color scheme (way easier to spot your child from across the grocery store, since they managed to escape from the buggy, when they are in the same color).

Again, the more oohs and ahhs I can recieve from strangers...the higher my mommy-confidence goes. Now I know your are picturing well groomed children in sweet matching white outfits with bright big blue bows in their perfectly combed hair, being pushed in a buggy by a woman with the same adult version outfit on, perfect nails, hair and make-up...matching shoes and handbag...ok. You. Are. Wrong. (By the way, does that exist in a world without Nannies and salaries without muliple commas? If so, share your secret please!)

Reality: Children are cute, and wearing very stylish (hand me down/consignment sale) clothes, rather matchy (for safety reasons), with cute hair bows (as long as Gator hasn't pulled hers and Baby Girl's out).

Reality: Mama...wearing the jeans(either bought many moons ago or handme downs) that are the cleanest that she could find (or the only ones she can find, sprayed with frebreeze) with a nearly clean shirt....hopefully her right shoe matches her left is always up...ponytail, bun, clip....anything to make it appear cleaner than it is....make-up??? are you nuts? I am still trying to remember if I had time to brush my teeth...ok wait, if medicated chapstick counts as perfect make-up, then yes, perfect make-up.

Oh, Lord forbid, the entire family has to be somewhere, looking nice and put together...I start getting us all ready days in advance!!!

I know I am not the only one. I may be the only one willing to admit it. It's the long as the kids are cute and put together...people in public nearly always comment on the kids, interact with the kids...nobody really looks at Mama...and its ok, since its not the prettiest sight to be had. (maybe people aren't looking becasue they are praying you won't notice their right and left shoe don't match!)

To all the Mommies out there...hang in's the best job, it's the toughest job, and it is the most worthwhile job that I have ever had...hang in there, we're in this together!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Mama = Happy Baby and Toddler

It sounds so simple. Stay calm and the kids will stay calm. Talk nicely and the kids will talk nicely. All things that I strive for daily. If Mama stays on track and in control the day will also stay on track and in control...simple right??

Then why is reality so much different??? (Obviously, today is going smooth if I am finding time to blog, but on those other days...)

There are many days that start with such potential...the sun is shining, the kids are smiling...Mama got to the bathroom before noon!! Clothes are neat and folded nicely in drawers, Dishes are cleaned and placed in is warm and yummy..."things to do list" is empty (at least things are getting marked off)...

Then the day of Potential begins to melt away in exploding poopy diapers, 3 year old sass ("I NEVER get to sit in your lap!), the wrong snacks flying across the room, dirty clothes piling high near the wash machine, Mount Dishes replaces the kitchen sink, 1 year old walks around with bottle of hand soap hanging out of her mouth, 3 year old cries because said 1 year won't play with her/won't stop playing with her, great educational toys being strewn across the floor and being stepped on, toddler chairs being flipped by 1 year old (while she was standing in it), hair pulling, lots of crying and foot stomping...okay okay...the last two were Mama...but still, didn't it all start out to be the day that would define me as  a great mom??

When does it happen? Why does it happen? When does Mama stop uttering "Lord, Love is Patient, Love is Kind" and start screaming "If you cry one more time, I am going to lose my cool!!!"?  (Which haven't I already lost control of the day at that point???)

Have you figured it out??? What? When? Where? Who? How? (Though I think the "How?" in question here is "How to avoid meltdowns and/or gain back the control.")

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I never...

Baby Girls latest misuse of the english language is making me crazy! (her misusage is usually very entertaining and humorous!)

"Mama,I never get a cookie after supper!" (Almost always a dessert of some sort is offered, she usually doesn't eat much of the junk food variety)

"Mama, I never get to go see Mimi!" (We see Mimi at least once a week, and most weeks more than that!!!)

"Mama, I never get to help you!" (She always gets to do something as long as it is safe for her to using my knives to chop the veggies!)

Oh, this list goes on....and it makes me mad...really mad. She doesn't understand what "never"means, but it still makes me mad...because I try so hard to balance keeping her happy and keeping her safe. Plus, isn't the sassy, "You never let me do anything" phase supposed to start in the teens? Not preschool?

I never, I never, I never....I'll be glad when this phase is over!

What phase were you most glad to see gone?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Ready for a Cooking Show

In 2003, I wanted something to do while Daddy was at work. He worked night and evening shifts up until about 4 years ago. But I didn't want to spend money. So I started as a Pampered Chef consultant. I am a pure hobbiest, much to the dismay of my Director. Anywho, that's the back story.

I had a show in January. I love Cooking Shows...I have so much fun getting ready for them. I love picking a recipe. I love finding the tips and "jokes" that will fill the time while the food cooks. I really do love Cooking Shows.

I don't love worrying that I am going to mess up. I don't love worrying that people won't have fun. I don't love people thinking I am pushing them to buy. (I really do just want everyone to have fun!)

I love that Baby Girl LOVES helping Mama get ready for the "chef parties". I love how Baby Girl knows the name of my products and what they do. I love that she can be a part of one of my many jobs. I love that I can use it as a learning tool...because what parent doesn't love to teach their children about life. I love helping her learn how to cook. I love that she likes to help Mama get the grocery shopping done for the "chef party". I love that she calls it my "chef parties". It's great.

It's hard to make a 3 year old understand (at least my 3 year old....she has a long attention span) that we sometimes have to stop packing for a show when Gator needs to eat or a diaper change or a nap. Baby Girl just doesn't get it. She thinks that I am not finishing it or won't go back to it. I guess in her eyes, if I am not packing she can't help, and if she can't help, Mama doesn't love her. Hey, mommies who work outside the home fulltime don't have the market cornered on "Mommy Guilt". She gets upset and says "I never get to help you!"

I have been doing this since 2003, so I have really streamlined what I do, and I have more shows under my belt, so I am a faster packer. Sorry Baby Girl!! Mama loves you!!!

shameless plug alert!!! Here's my website if you're interested

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Toys are Winning...

I asked Santa to bring me some things to help me get the toys that runneth over organized (should I mention that I rarely buy fact most all toys are Birthday and Christmas Toys from family and friends)...and Santa helped out...but...

I still  feel like I am lost in an overflowing sea of toys...

Anyone else swimming toys...I have purged! I don't buy! I swear they are bunnies and multiply while I sleep!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Sensory Bin

I have always made sure that Baby Girl has plenty of toys that give her opportunities to learn. She has always been interested in learning. I have looked into homeschooling, and I have come across some great sites!!

One site I came across talks about Sensory Bins. (Totally Tots...see button...) My goal for February is to get a little more schooling into our homeschooling...I mean she is only 3...but on the other hand she is 3 and needs to start some formal leaning. (More about that on another day)

I brought out the Sensory Bin I have made for February, well in process of making, I really need to get some hearts and stuff, any who....first thing that happened...

In their defense...we are new to the tub concept!! I guess we can file this under, the boxes get more play time at Christmas than the toy!!

Well, I will keep you updated on our journey into education.