Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Grocery Winnings

As mentioned earlier in my blog, we had some snow here in the south...and we were unable to get out of our dear hubby was unable to get to work. We live on hubby's not getting to work led to no overtime, I had no income that week as well...well, as you can has led us into a very very very very tight budget (which we usually only have to deal with during the summer...when I work little to none) However, Mother Hubbard opened the cupboard and well...not much.

**Cheap Plug** I grabbed  a recipe card collection that brags about $2 servings...I took a quick inventory of what was in the fridge and the cabinet (which was REALLY quick). I grabbed the shopping list from the recipe card collection...again didn't take long...and took $50...and off the the store we went...after some compromising on chicken breasts, finding zero deals on meat, and skipping the fresh produce for frozen (yikes, I had just gotten really good at perimeter shopping!!)...I was out of the store with enough food for at least the next week,..and real food (well, frozen veggies)...and I got diapers!! Yeah me!

Had any great moments of savings?

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