Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CVS Winnings!!

I was getting ready to start playing the Drug Store Game...

I did my research...

I read the "rules"...
I picked CVS as my drug store of choice. (The main reason was that I have one close by, and another reason was it seemed like I understood their program the best, their website answers a lot of questions)

I armed myself with my reusable bags (You can purchase a "Green Tag" that they will scan for you on each trip and on the 4th trip you get $1 in Extra Bucks), my sale flyer, and my price notebook (I have been keeping a running list of the price of the items I purchase the most...and where I purchased it...that way I can keep up with what is a good deal and what is not on any sales I may come across in my shopping).

I enter CVS and fill out the form for a CVS rewards card..and I hit the aisles.

I purchased:
  • pack of diapers - on sale for $8.99 with $2 extra bucks
  • small pack of Mini Cadbury Eggs - on sale for $0.75 with $0.75 extra bucks
  • I planned to get the Colgate toothpaste, but it was out so I got a raincheck for 2...they were on sale for $2.99 with $2.00 extra bucks....the raincheck doesn't expire!!
  • I also got 2 cans of Tuna for $0.88 each.
I had no coupons this time so my total was around $13.00 and I had $2.75 in Extra Bucks

My 2nd transaction was:
  • 1 gallon Barber's Milk on sale for $3.19 minus my Extra Bucks from the previous transaction.
Now, if you are new to this, please remain seated... I got my gallon of milk for $0.70 TAX INCLUDED!!!!

I am sold and I will be eagerly waiting for next weeks sale paper. I know there are folks out there that get as many Extra Bucks as they can find, on as many items as possible, and whatnot...but I am happy with my 1st trip and I am happy with the diapers and milk for under $15 dollars...plus the other odds and ends...let me know about your trip to the store???

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