Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pp is for Peace

Well, we've moved on over to the letter Pp. We have already had a picnic in the yard, we've done puzzles, made our Pp prayer lists, and thought about our projects.

We plan to make Peanutty Banana Bread for Mr. Paul, wrap a pretty present of popcorn for Mrs. Paula...

Other Pp activities we will try to get to

  • Lacing letter Pp (as long as I get to the Dollar Tree to get the letters I want)
  • Push Pin letter Pp (Baby Girl seems to like filling the letters with construction paper better)

  • Make a Puzzle out of one of Baby Girl's drawings
  • Trace Patterns
  • Read If You Give a Pig A pancake
  • Make Pencil Pals
  • Talk about Patient and Peace
  • Work on Pattern using a Muffin Pan
  • Hidden P color sheet
  • Piles

  • Make Pretty Place mats
  • Make a paper orchard
  • Make Puppets
  • Make a Pillow "pet"
  • make a Picture Frame
I a list!!! I may or may not get to it all. But you make your goals...right? Some days Baby Girl wants activity after activity. Other days, she sticks with one and doesn't care to move on. Some of the activities depend on whether I will be able to get to the prep work.

I do a lot of the "worksheet" stuff myself...I find printables on line and then copy them by hand....I don't have a printer at home and its just a bunch cheaper than going to my parents house to print.

I'll let you know what we get to and how it turned out!!!

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