Friday, March 4, 2011

March Sensory Bin

My first month using the sensory bin idea has been a success. My we have come a long way from the tub on the head picture from the first use!

Baby Girl is showing you how she lined up and counted the red stars! (There were 10, by the way)

I mentioned the other day, to Baby Girl, that I would be changing the bin to a March theme soon. Baby Girl was not happy about it...I am sure she will change her tune after I make the switch, but it was nice to know that she enjoyed the imagination bin, as she called it. I loved that a box of random items got a lot of play time...and it seemed like every time the girls would dig into it, they did something different with the items....Gator really enjoyed the bead garland...and Baby Girl liked the flower petals...I also enjoyed that they seemed to play together and get a long nicely together with the same group of items and it worked for both developmental stages...I am so glad I came across the idea over at Totally Tots!!

So, now it is onto our March of course!

I basically went around the house and grabbed what I already had on hand that was green....some blocks, rings, flower pots, scrap material, and a few things I picked up at the Dollar store when Christmas stuff was on sale for 90% off. I will place it out and see how it goes. My prediction - Baby Girl will be confused about where did the pink and red stuff go? She is very opposed to change...we are working on this.

Hop on over to Totally Tots for other bin ideas and themes. Right now I am staying very basic and going with what I have on hand. I am looking at the "random items" on clearance racks a little differently nowadays....I am in no way wanting to spend any major bucks on any items right now. Money was tight before the latest gas hikes...but I don't want to let these days at home get too ho-hum either.

Just by putting some random objects in a plastic tub, my girls have looked at the items in a new way, and "forcing" them to get creative. Baby Girl likes to know what she is "supposed" to do...the rules of the game and what rules with the bins are as follows:
  1. You may do whatever you would like with the items in the long as it is safe. (i.e. no wrapping garland around Gator's neck)
  2. You may play with the bin as long or as short as you'd like
  3. When you are finished playing ready to play with something else, you must put all items back into the bin (yes, I changed "finished" because anyone who knows a preschooler...they are never finished with a toy, they will be back, and it is still a struggle work in progress)
  4. You may play with the bin whenever you'd like as long as the rules are followed
I know, for not having many rules about the bin, I sure have a lot of rules!! Ah, aren't you glad you don't have such a wishy-washy mama??

Any great ideas on how you spice up the toys and such that you already have on hand so that your kids play with them?

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