Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coupon Game

For the past 2 years I have been mainly shopping at Wal-store....due to being pregnant and tired I stuck with one store. Then having an infant drinking formula and wearing diapers that I found at a cheaper price by going with the store brand...I didn't want to look at store fliers and do much price comparing from store to store...Now I did compare prices from store to store when Baby Girl was a baby (and even before children). Baby Girl was a better shopper that Gator...going to more than one store during a shopping trip was not near the pain that I think it may be now...

I have been studying the rules for the Drug Store Game...and I think now that formula is off our grocery list, I am going to jump back onto the coupon bandwagon....In my studying I have found this is really good...lots and lots of great ideas...remember start small. Her website and blog is amazing, but I feel small compared to all the information that she has there.

I have decided to start with CVS...some of the reasons being is that it is the only drug store less than 30 miles from our house. I have read the flyer this week, and I have made my list, I will look for coupons in the Sunday Paper, and I will be ready to hit the store. Right now, without coupons, I am looking at getting about $16 worth of items...including diapers...and earning back about $8 in Extra Bucks...I am excited just thinking about it!

Then step two will be to take those Extra Bucks and get some more items on sale...I can't wait. I have heard the best way to start this coupon thing is to
  1. Pick one grocery store and one drug store
  2. stick with it for about 3 months before deciding if it is for you
  3. make a system work for you, not the other way....envelopes, know you best
Well, I am off to find some coupons and start this adventure...

Let me know, do you play the game? How do you play? Got any extra tips for others?

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