Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Does Gator do all Day?

I have been looking over some of my posts and they seem very Baby Girl oriented...and I was sad as a Mama...what about Gator???

Well, Gator starts her day between 5am and 7am...I do my best to try to get her to "rest" until 8am, but that is a rare occurrence.

Then she will eat breakfast...a couple eggs, or oatmeal, or a bunch of pancakes (she LOVES pancakes...I try to hide fruit and other good for you stuff in the pancake when I can)...she will then mess around the house and play area for a bit...climbing what she can, waking up sister, getting into the bathroom...the normal 13 month old stuff.

Then between 9am and 10am I'll put her in her bed and she will take a nap...anywhere from 15 min to 2 1/2 hours....she really is very UNpredictable...

After her long nap she will have lunch...then she will play more with her sister...I try to have out a different basket of toys so she can empty the bag or basket...she really likes to empty things...

Then it is usually time for us to get ready for whatever afternoon, outside the house activity we have going on...Mama works 3 days, we have dance classes, we run errands, or we go visit Mimi.

and that my friends is a day in the life of Gator....

when we get home from our activity...Gator fusses until supper, then she will eat supper...then we let her play with Daddy for a bit...

Then its change, get ready for bed, and off she goes....to dreamland...unfortunately for Gator or me depending on how you look at it...that only means a few hours until we have to settle her back down, repeat process every few hours until I give in at 7 or 8am and let her up to begin the day again.

During her play times, I do try to get down with her and read and play and focus some one on one time with her...mostly she likes to fuss or ride my hip...or climb the dishwasher...or the chairs, or her sister....we should have called her Monkey...not Gator!!! Maybe I will fill you in one day on how that did come about!!! Its funny and it really fits her!!!

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