Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Fashionistas?

Ok, I have never been a SLAVE to fashion, but I always tried to look nice and sort of be in style. Then I got long as Hubby was happy I looked good, right? I have never turned down hand me downs...and I always said yes to the hand me downs from my more Fashionista type friends...

Then kids...and add in the fact that I spend more of my life in PJs and dance clothes (glorified PJs on some days!)

Well, Baby Girl has almost always had a bow in her hair that matched her outfit that well, was very stylish! The more oohs and ahhs I got when in public...the better mommy I am, right??? Then Gator came along...well, her personal style is a little different that Baby Girl's...but I do manage to get a bow or two in her hair during the week and I always try to match the least in the same color scheme (way easier to spot your child from across the grocery store, since they managed to escape from the buggy, when they are in the same color).

Again, the more oohs and ahhs I can recieve from strangers...the higher my mommy-confidence goes. Now I know your are picturing well groomed children in sweet matching white outfits with bright big blue bows in their perfectly combed hair, being pushed in a buggy by a woman with the same adult version outfit on, perfect nails, hair and make-up...matching shoes and handbag...ok. You. Are. Wrong. (By the way, does that exist in a world without Nannies and salaries without muliple commas? If so, share your secret please!)

Reality: Children are cute, and wearing very stylish (hand me down/consignment sale) clothes, rather matchy (for safety reasons), with cute hair bows (as long as Gator hasn't pulled hers and Baby Girl's out).

Reality: Mama...wearing the jeans(either bought many moons ago or handme downs) that are the cleanest that she could find (or the only ones she can find, sprayed with frebreeze) with a nearly clean shirt....hopefully her right shoe matches her left is always up...ponytail, bun, clip....anything to make it appear cleaner than it is....make-up??? are you nuts? I am still trying to remember if I had time to brush my teeth...ok wait, if medicated chapstick counts as perfect make-up, then yes, perfect make-up.

Oh, Lord forbid, the entire family has to be somewhere, looking nice and put together...I start getting us all ready days in advance!!!

I know I am not the only one. I may be the only one willing to admit it. It's the long as the kids are cute and put together...people in public nearly always comment on the kids, interact with the kids...nobody really looks at Mama...and its ok, since its not the prettiest sight to be had. (maybe people aren't looking becasue they are praying you won't notice their right and left shoe don't match!)

To all the Mommies out there...hang in's the best job, it's the toughest job, and it is the most worthwhile job that I have ever had...hang in there, we're in this together!

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