Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Apologies

As I mentioned in the beginning...I am not very computer advanced...and I am trying to learn as I blog...so I am changing things often trying to find what works and what doesn't, etc...which this may be the hardest on my readers...which at this moment may not be many...and hopefully one day I will have more readers...and really, I'm sorry...I am trying things out, swapping things around, all the while I am trying to not be a perfectionist...I am just going trial and error...cause isn't that what life is really all about...just get off the couch and do something? The dishes won't wash themselves, the kids won't teach themselves, and by-gosh the blog won't blog itself...here I am reading all these great blogs about great moms who have breakfast done and kids perfectly groomed before noon, and well, I love reading them thinking maybe one day...but I know there are more moms out there like me...flying by the seat of our pants, hoping the milk hasn't gone bad and there is at least one diaper in the 20 lb diaper bag...and gosh darn it I want the world to know about it...and I am struggling figuring it all out, but hang in there with me and the blog will work itself out, Baby Girl will stop whining and Gator will stop screaming, at least long enough the blow the dust off the cracker before they eat it, and at least you can have a good chuckle with me as I dab at the coffee stain on the carpet...

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