Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them, sometimes we even hide them...guilty pleasures...we strive to be perfect parents amidst the rubble of Little People and mismatched puzzle pieces...

But after 8pm, I tiptoe into the kitchen, and eat....chocolate or chips and dip...and I have them hidden in a cabinet that only adults know about...I keep the kids snacks waaaaaay across the kitchen in an entirely different cabinet...the kids' healthy snacks!

At least once a week, when Daddy is home...I sneak off into my bedroom...and shower...a real shower, with hot water, and no peeking out the shower curtain to make sure kids are still visible and not hurting themselves. A real LONG shower, not those short get the soap off you before a child is hanging from a fan shower...

And at least once a month, I drop the girls off somewhere with Mimi or an Aunt or Daddy, and I...get my nails done...and no I don't skimp on just a manicure...I get acrylic nails...I get a <gasp> fill-in!!! And I get my french manicure airbrushed on...the 1 hour to myself is amazing...its worth the 1 hour and 15 min I have to work to pay for it...I can feel human, and <gasp> un-mommy like....(I hate feet, so I skip the pedi)

So there you have it...underneath my tough, I got it together, perfect Mama exterior...hides a woman who hides junk food from her kids (only to eat it after everyone is in bed), takes a long hot shower, and gets her nails done.....really? if those brief moments help me hold it together, than guilty as charged...I am going to keep it up!!

Ok, I spilled, now whats your guilty pleasure???

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