Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Clutter is NOT Cool

As I prepare to do our taxes...which by the way I have been trying to do since all my 1099 and W-2 came in week ago...I have to gather all the receipts and such...and it is just a task I dread...actually doing the taxes doesn't bother me.

I have a basket that I toss all the "I have got to get to that soon" papers is piled about a foot and a half higher than the basket.

I spent Gator's nap going through this said to that soon...

After I had my 4 piles, I put away said piles. As I was going through the coupons, I wanted to KICK they weren't expired...but I had some that I could have used on my last trip to CVS...are you kidding me?? I could have saved $2 more!! Augh!

And in my world of little income, that $2 is a LOT of outfit from a consignment sale, or nearly a gallon of milk, or a pack of cheese, or some sale meat, or 2 packs of frozen veggies, or ... I have to stop...

So, get to your getting to box and get rid of the clutter!!! Let us know what you find!!! I know you will be amazed!

And, no, I still haven't gotten to the taxes, and no, I haven't gotten rid of the clutter...ah, the chaos we call life!

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