Monday, March 21, 2011

CVS Tips

  • CVS has a coupon machine near the door...scan your card and a coupon will printout. I received a $5 off $25 purchase...which I will save (at least until 3/8/11, when it expires). What I was not aware of at the can keep scanning your card until the screen says that you have gotten all your coupons...DOH! I will return and keep scanning...hopefully I can get even more savings next week!
  • One of coupons I got from the machine was a $1.00 Kellogg's cereal. I will use cereal as a snack at times...and CVS has cereal single servings for $1.00. Guess what I did!? I used the coupons to get some single serve cereals for the girls...for free! What a great idea! Use the large coupons that do not specify a size and get the smaller/cheaper size for MORE savings...who knew! I am always looking for more ways to save...and Baby Girl likes the "treat".
  • Coke was on sale 3/$3...for 2 liters...and if you spent $15 you got back $5 ECB...I couldn't decide how to make $15 with the items that were included...until I saw someone say that they were going to get 15 2 liters. At first, I was "what??? 15 2 liters? That is insane!" But second thought, we drink Coke and we pay more than $ why not stock up? I stock up on milk, why not? Savings are savings!!!

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